Winter décor ideas to elevate the interior elegance

Winter décor ideas to elevate the interior elegance

The cold may probably be on its way out by the time you read this but that should not be a reason for the exit of winter styles. After all, it’s the season that demands us to be snuggled up indoors and enjoy our cosy moments to the max. The shades of nature in winter generally happen to be neutral, with the plants having a break from their expansion of greenery, and the skies flaunting their haute shades of grays and navys. This is the best time to quirk things up with your interior décor and let that lack of color from the nature compensate it in your personal haven. Let’s look at ways you can add vibrant colours to your home this winter: MAKE YOUR HOME MORE VIBRANT


Image courtesy: Rugs by D’Decor

Rich Rugs

Warmth for your feet, style for the floor. That is exactly the purpose of rugs and they’re a quintessential part of winter irrespective of your location in the country. Now there are rugs and then there are rich rugs. Rich not in the sense of monetary value but more in the sense of artisanal value. A regular rug is something that just serves warmth for the strolling feet and a rich rug is one that adds a touch of beauty to your indoors, like the one pictured here from D’Decor. Place one in the centre of the hall, sides of the bed, study room or even in your picturesque balconies for you to snuggle up on with a cuppa coffee.

Cushion Fusions

Ever wondered how you can make your couches and sofas look even more elegant than they already are? Pop some kitschy cushions on them and watch it exude elan without tremendous effort. Be it the bed or the centrepiece sofa, a bunch of vivid cushions are an assured way of elevating its look to new level of chicness. Take in case the mirror hand-work cushion like this one from India Circus. Not only is this a subtle way of introducing a touch of eccentricity to your indoors, but also a minimalist way of flaunting the eccentricity of your favourite styles.


Image courtesy: Cushion cover from India Circus


Image courtesy: Bedside tables from Stories.

Table Talks

Moving from floor rugs and couch cushions, let’s move a little higher from the ground and land on decorating your beds and bed chambers. That luxury homes inherently sport a modest bed side table is a fact we are all aware of, but if you are like us, modesty is not always the trajectory to a fashionable décor. Choose bedside tables that complement your style more than they match the bed. They lets you experiment and at the same time, showcase the best in your taste. Here are some chic examples from our Stories outlet that houses a range of eclectic pieces to choose from.

Fragrance Fixes

The first thing that you notice when you step into yours or someone else’s place, is not the couch or the window art – it’s rather how its aromatic atmosphere pleases you. A pleasant fragrance can make your home cosy or even exotic, depending on your taste. This elevates the purpose of your décor to a new level. For a change of mood in your home décor, it’s best to invest in a good variety of potpourri, incense, scented candles and more. This effortless but effective touch is sure to set your mood right even before you accessorise the room.


Image courtesy: Iris fragrance options from Shopper Stop.


Image courtesy: Iris fragrance options from Shopper Stop.

Light it up

Once you’ve done your place with the chicest of your décor articles, it’s time to light the place up with equivalently elegant lighting options. It’s the simplest of steps that can lend the whole room a vibe of its own, thereby rendering an aura of real luxury. So, do away with the conventional table lamps and explore the world of incandescent options like the one shown here: The Peach Crystal Salt lamp from Vajor. Choose colours that complement the shades you’ve used elsewhere, so when you light it up, the place is actually lit in its glow.

Image courtesy: Kitchenware from Le Creuset

Kitschy Kitchen

More often than not, your kitchen is not a space that makes it to the list of ‘To-decorate-places’. Adding a touch of décor to your kitchen can also motivate yourself to cook more and add an inviting vibe to the whole room. Hence, make sure to consider the kitchen when planning the blueprint of décor for your whole place. A good way to do so is to replace the mundane kitchen pieces with some stunning ones like the very cosy Le Creuset collection pictured here. Apart from giving the kitchen a modern look, it offers the viewers an insight to your impeccable style.

these tips are simply a headstart for you – use your creativity and imagination to look for even more innovative ways to do up your décor. Let these tips beautify your place and resonate the style that speaks for itself without you having to talk about it. Like the great Coco Chanel once opined that it’s true style, only when it speaks for itself.

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