Your winter-care routine for comfort and joy

Your winter-care routine for comfort and joy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year again. The holidays are for merriment and carousing, thanks to a tonne of festivities lined up to chase away the dreariness of the winter. Strangely, it’s also the season when that peculiar sense of dread and despair we feel perpetually, spikes up. It’s perhaps a combination of the stress associated with meeting end-of-year deadlines, the fatigue from festive prep, and the impact of the dip in temperatures on our moods. A lot of these factors are beyond our control, but for this month of giving and thanksgiving, we’ve compiled a few simple reminders and nudges to thaw away the gloom.


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Let it glow

One of the greatest things about your circle of control is that it includes skin care. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, eat right and follow a basic routine to keep yourself sparkling and shiny, even as the harsh, dry weather takes over. Stock your closet with essentials like an effective moisturiser, hydrating facewash, lip balm and body oils to keep your natural freshness locked in. Our pick for the purpose is this attractive, all-natural winter kit from ‘Just Herbs’. Pick it up at our Nykaa store – where you can browse similar products to find what’s best for you.

Gift-wraps for your skin

For tropical winters such as ours, it’s best to dress in layers you can shed as and when the weather turns erratic. The idea here is to not just keep yourself warm, but to also protect your skin from dryness. Style and practicality, both favour fabrics like corduroy and flannel over knits. Besides, these materials are light and less porous, which makes them a better shield from the arid air. You can raid the new Autumn Winter collections at our Hackett and Springfield stores for trendy yet timeless cuts. Pick bright yet earthy colours like deep red, violet and tan to make sure they complement everything in your wardrobe.


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Cheer is in the (h)air

If there’s something we are grateful for since the Hipster culture faded in 2016, it’s the rightful return of the hat from ‘high fashion’ to ‘kitsch’. Now that beanies and fedoras aren’t here to screen your tresses from the cold, dry wind, it’s a good time to invest in hair care. Give your shaggy winter mane a trim and a few tucks with a trip to our Tony & Guy salon. It’s the perfect season for sidelocks (for him) and flicks (for her). While you’re there, bring home their original range of Moroccan Oil products to keep your hair strong, silky and shiny without too much fuss.

The Scent Clause

Your winter well-being isn’t just skin-deep but also spiritual. Take time off to tune out from the festive preparations and relax your body and soul. Self-care begins with decluttering your surroundings to make room for good vibes. Spruce up your décor with warm and inviting additions like potpourri, wintry blossoms, incense sticks and scented candles. Our India Circus outlet has an excellent collection of delicious, cosy fragrances like Apple Cinnamon, Lavender and Vanilla Bean. They’re also a great way to usher in some festive spirit into your home. Pair them up with some Holiday Season tunes to lift your mood.


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‘Fleece’ Navidad

Another downer that’s synonymous with the Indian winter is that signature musty, mothball smell that sets in when you bring out the woollens. To keep your knitwear fragrant, shiny and new, it’s best to avoid regular detergent. We understand that dry-cleaning your delicate cardigans, shawls and jackets isn’t always feasible. That is why, special washing liquids like ‘Love & Care’ are the best way to freshen up your fleeces. Pick up a bottle full of some wholesome, tender, pH-neutral goodness from our Shopper’s Stop store. There is also a separate variant for your delicate silks for the wedding season.

Wholesome festivi-tea

Hot chocolate, cinnamon-spiced lattes and mochaccinos are par for the course to beat the chill in the winter. But if you’re looking for healthier options for a hot, steaming cup of goodness, pick up these delightful, triangular ‘Teavana’ teabags from our Starbucks outlet. While they have classic favourites like Earl Grey and English Breakfast, we recommend their rarer infusions, specifically Mint Citrus and Hibiscus. They also make for uniquely thoughtful gifts for tea lovers this Christmas.


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Do you have a specific self-care ritual you carry out every winter? If yes, send us a shout-out in the comments on our Instagram page and we’ll be sure to feature it. Happy Holidays to you all!

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