5 Celeb-Inspired Looks For Your New Year

5 Celeb-Inspired Looks For Your New Year

We’ve decided to get an early start on our New Year’s resolution – to get you more glammed up than ever, just as the earth starts another revolution around the sun. We rummaged through our look-books this season to find you the glitziest styles donned by your favourite celebs. What’s more – some of these high-fashion pieces are available just 20 minutes away from wherever you are in Chennai, right here at our stores. Read on to check out where you can pick them up and how you can build your NYE ensemble around them.


Image courtesy: Michael Kors

Casual, club-chic,
a la Bella Hadid

There’s no better way to celebrate the end of a decade than to pay tribute to a fashion icon who defined the 2010s for us. Bella Hadid’s outfit in this iconic photoshoot for Michael Kors is remarkably relaxed yet glamourous. The sling-bag is of course the pièce de résistance, tying the tee-shirt and the sparkling mini together. We love how Bella completes the look with elegant fish-net stockings and her hair pulled back into a neat, no-fuss ponytail. It’s the perfect ensemble for hitting all those exclusive clubs with your gang because it spells ‘VIP’ without trying too hard.

Red-carpet ready, like
Sunny Leone

One of our best loved themes for New Year’s Eve soirees is ‘Hollywood’. It’s how you make your party a black-tie affair without having to say it. Our pick for the theme is this delicious neo-noir aesthetic put together by H&M for actor Sunny Leone. The classic, off-shoulder cut and fall of the fabric make this red number a flattering selection for most body types. Sunny keeps it simple with neutral tinted pumps and her hair down. We recommend adding red lips and a shiny, gold clutch to put it all together. To accessorise with bold yet minimalistic neck wear, head to our Kazo store.


Image courtesy: H&M


Image courtesy: Satya Paul

Vintage weaves via
Karisma Kapoor

Elegant dinner parties are a great way to ring in the New Year. They can be as formal and as intimate as you’d like them to be. It’s a small gathering of close friends and associates that can still command a sense of occasion. Dressing for an event like this can be tricky – a dress would be overkill but jeans might be too casual. Karisma Kapoor gets it right with this smart Satya Paul ‘Houndstooth’ sari. It’s made from crepe silk to keep you warm. Throw in a mid-length jacket and belt to add some vintage wintery vibes to the outfit.

Timelessly Times Square,
courtesy Sonam Kapoor

The Times Square Ball Drop is perhaps the most fabled New Year’s Eve celebration in the world, so it’s no surprise it’s a major party theme across the globe. This look, put together by Cover Story, makes perfect sense for the theme. Sonam Kapoor captures the essence of Fall-Winter in New York by teaming a gorgeous, flared skirt with classic, dark leather boots and a jacket to match. Straight hair and minimal jewellery are the way to go if you’re planning to emulate Sonam entirely. But you can style the ensemble to your taste with metallic hoop earrings and a classic, analogue dial watch.


Image courtesy: Cover Story


Image courtesy: Ralph Lauren (available at Collective) for GQ India

Boss-ladylike, with
Katrina Kaif

This listicle is a safe, all-inclusive space, so we’re not discounting the occasional office brunch either. Whether you’re planning on ringing in the New Year with a networking opportunity or you simply want to bond better with your team, Katrina Kaif’s flared jump-suit from Ralph Lauren is just the towering statement you’d want to make. A loose bun, a pair of danglers and platforms are delightfully stunning additions to this look. Head to our Collective India outlet for a tonne of other high fashion brands inspired by the stars.

If you’ve brought home any of these ‘starry’ pieces from our mall this season, do send us a shout-out on Instagram with a snapshot, because we love featuring you on our pages. Here’s wishing you a grand, stylish year in the limelight.

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