Wedding special: Trousseau checklist for the elegant bride

Wedding special: Trousseau checklist for the elegant bride

“Something borrowed. Something blue. Something old. Something new.”
The age-old rhyme for remembering what a bride should wear for good luck on her wedding day doesn’t quite cover the full length and breadth of the essentials you’re going to need once you begin life as a newly-wed. The traditional ‘trousseau’ is simply a collection of personal belongings especially set aside for you to use after your nuptials. Below is our handy list of elegant additions to traditional gifts of jewellery and ceremonial charms.


Image courtesy: Meena Bazaar

The whole nine yards

There’s nothing quite as effective as a great cup of coffee to begin your day on a winning note. That’s why most workspaces are well-appointed with a cafeteria and an espresso machine. But if you, like us, have a taste for the finer things in life, the office cappuccino doesn’t quite make the cut. Shazé’s new Hosting collection is now equipped with a bunch of portable caffeine fixes that you can conveniently keep on your desk. For instance, the beautiful French Press pictured here comes with a temperature gauge to brew the perfect cup anytime you need one. Besides, the stunning design and simplicity of the accoutrements are a statement by themselves.

Rock the ‘blouse’

One of the most widely held fashion myths that we’d like to kill early in this post is that you need a blouse to match every print and pattern of saree you own. Not only is it tedious and impractical, but also a serious departure from the tenets of sustainable, minimalist fashion. Readily stitched pieces in neutral colours like black, beige, cream and red, available at our Shoppers Stop, can be altered to fit you perfectly. Add some dazzle in your blouse collection with gold and silver to breathe new life into a plain chiffon or silk saree every single time you wear it.


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Image courtesy: Art Karat

Jewels of engagement

It’s no secret that gold and precious jewellery are… well… the crown jewels of the Indian bride. But stock up on imitation jewellery to team up with your attire for informal functions. Enamel work, gold-plated sets and gemstones can double up as striking statement pieces to accentuate your wardrobe with. The Shubham Collection at Art Karat is ideal for the purpose because of its classic, traditional design. We also recommend auspicious gemstones from Masami as everyday-accessories because they don’t need any specific storage or maintainence. You can then tuck away your wedding jewellery, to bring out and polish for very special occasions.

Vanity ware

A vanity kit is typically a brief case for your beauty essentials. It comes fitted with specially designed nooks and pockets for your basic makeup articles and jewellery, along with a miniature mirror for quick touch-ups. You can carry it along with you to the venues for different ceremonies – so you can look your best, not just on The Big Day, but also the Sangeet, Cocktail and the scores of rituals leading up to it. There are ornate options available at our India Circus store, which can be permanent fixtures on your dresser. But if you’re looking for a sturdier type to carry on as hand baggage on your honeymoon, head to our Tumi store.


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Image courtesy: Salvatore Ferragamo


We decided to make a separate note for perfumes because nothing proclaims ‘wedded bliss’ quite like an all-new fragrance to mark the beginning of your new life. Italian label, Salvatore Ferragamo have been crafting their signature fragrances for nearly a century and they’re the perfect place to start, if you’re looking for something rich and delicate. For instance, the Signora Ribelle pictured here is an elegant blend of classic ingredients, for a long-lasting scent. While you’re at it, pick a body mist, some eau de toilette (a less concentrated version of perfume to add to your bath water) and a miniature bottle to add to your vanity case.

The Great Cape

Your closet is going to be exploding with rich, flamboyant fabrics and brocades, thanks to the wedding gifts from every side of the family. Take a breather from heavy sarees and elaborate draping by stocking up on long, flowing capes and kurtas in pretty, traditional prints. Vajor’s limited edition Caspian Folklore collection has a bunch of these decadent pieces that look classic and elegant, while affording you all the comfort of casual wear. You can wear them as dresses or as kurtas over palazzo pants. Team them up with some flat mojris or kohlapuris – for minimum discomfort and maximum effect.


Image courtesy: India Circus


Image courtesy: Dune London

Shoe your true colours

Sparkle and shine are literally the theme for every wedding season – and they should be the motif of your new shoe closet too. Sequined mojris are traditional. But you can take that look a notch (and a few inches) up with Dune London’s collection of glittery yet classic heels. Alternate between bedazzled clear straps and mesh pumps in base tones like cream and beige. They’re versatile enough to be paired up with ethnic wear or elegant evening wear.

Pro-tip: Pick a shoe with both gold and silver highlights, like the one pictures here, so your options for jewellery are not limited.

Your ‘airport look’ for
the honeymoon

Your exit at the honeymoon should be just as grand as your entry on your wedding day. Add some oomph to the occasion with a smart pant suit. We’re big fans of checks for both men and women – so the Cover Story ensemble pictured here fits perfectly into our vision board for your ‘airport look’. Make sure it’s well-cut – by that we mean, drainpipe trousers and a blazer with enough elbow room. This look works best with an ultra-feminine blouse with elements like a pussycat bow. For jewellery, we recommend pearls all the way.


Image courtesy: Cover Story


Image courtesy: Hunkemoller

Find your suit spot

There is a lot more to look forward to, long past the celebrations and ceremonies too – starting with your honeymoon. Whether your first vacation as a wedded couple is in sunny climes or in a cool paradise, packing a luxurious bathing suit is a must. Our top pick for you would be the swimwear collection at Hunkemoller because it’s elegant, classy and steamy, all at the same time. We’re big fans of sporty designer striped one-piece numbers like the lovely one pictured here. But they have a tonne of prints and cuts to choose from – doesn’t matter if you pick a one-piece or a two-piece, as long as you’re having fun!

Delicate matters

It’s the perfect time to ditch the pyjamas to stock up on tonnes of luxurious innerwear and nightwear in lace, satin and silk. Wacoal’s bridal collection has all of this and more in ultra-feminine colours like scarlet, peach and rose. Keep a classic kimono handy to keep yourself looking elegant even as you enjoy breakfast in bed on lazy mornings. While you can have fun shopping by yourself for these, we highly recommend you bring a friend along to help you pick out and validate your more adventurous choices. You can reward her with something cute from the store too.


Image courtesy: Wacoal


Image courtesy: Tumi

Bag leagues

Finally, you can leave behind all the baggage from your past life and start a brand new one – with special luggage to carry all the warm memories you’re going to make together. Pack up all your trousseau with something super glamourous, sturdy and practical, like this wheeled golden beauty from Tumi.

Image courtesy: Nykaa

Beauty bound

There is a tonne of products offered as ‘bridal makeup’ across every other beauty brand. But if you’ve been doing your own makeup for a while, we can assure you that you just need to keep a few essentials handy – a basic foundation to suit your skin-tone, mascara, liquid eyeliner, an eyeshadow palette and just a smidgen of blush. Make sure you keep brushes, applicator and makeup sponges handy too. All of this obviously fits into your vanity kit, with some room for a sheet mask and a small tube of bodywash. Our Nykaa store has a range of labels so you can assemble your own set, according to your preferences.

This list, although exhaustive, is going to keep growing as your wedding day comes closer. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments below.

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