Elegant cabin essentials to brighten up your workspace

Elegant cabin essentials to brighten up your workspace

Dressing for the job you want is deeply rooted in the belief that if you can mirror your vision of success, you’re already on your way to the top. If the simple act of switching your wardrobe up a few notches can be so impactful, imagine the wonders you could do with an environment that boosts your mood, productivity and first impression. We’ve put together a handy list of beautifully crafted knick-knacks beyond staples that are… well… staples of a cosy yet inspiring workspace. Read on and get ready to ring in more energy and good vibes into your office.

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CEOS in cabins getting

There’s nothing quite as effective as a great cup of coffee to begin your day on a winning note. That’s why most workspaces are well-appointed with a cafeteria and an espresso machine. But if you, like us, have a taste for the finer things in life, the office cappuccino doesn’t quite make the cut. Shazé’s new Hosting collection is now equipped with a bunch of portable caffeine fixes that you can conveniently keep on your desk. For instance, the beautiful French Press pictured here comes with a temperature gauge to brew the perfect cup anytime you need one. Besides, the stunning design and simplicity of the accoutrements are a statement by themselves.

The gold and the beautiful

Writing instruments are vital to your work life and the kind you employ to take notes at meetings or sign on the dotted line are key indicators of your personality. A premium looking fountain pen is a timeless addition to your toolbox for success. Montblanc’s Meisterstück Calligraphy collection is perfect for those with an eye for detail, thanks to its solid gold nibs and the hand-applied gold-leaf embellishments. You can even pick a notebook complementing the pen to maintain your sharp, meticulous impression at the office, with a side of style. Pick a signature ink colour too – preferably deep blue or black – to trademark your signature.

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Pen-stand and deliver

Organisation is another key to driving productivity and ushering in positive energy into your work environment. Start with decluttering your desk and populating it with storage units instead of letting your stationery, tools and devices lie about untethered. Keeping them accessible at all times is easy with a capacious yet compact holder. While there is a tonne of whimsical options out there, we picked this aqua-blue wooden number from the Marine collection at our Stories outlet. It’s got a tidy yet rustic charm which can add a splash of colour to your workspace, while being perfectly capable of blending into sombre office décor.

The champion’s cup

Coffee and tea on the go are par for the course, if you’re constantly shuffling between meetings, brainstorming sessions and conferences. Carry along your choice of hot beverage, steeped or brewed just the way you like it, and keep it warm everywhere you go with a lidded travel mug. India Circus has a smart range of these cups made from completely organic and durable bamboo fibre. The material allows for vibrant colours and unique patterns that are both quirky and classic. We like the added simplicity of the silicon band, which makes it manageable, no matter how warm the contents inside.

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Image courtesy: India Circus

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Light has a major role to play when it comes to your mood indoors. A lot of office-goers aren’t completely at home with harsh white lights that are standard-issue across work-bays. Recharge your energies and infuse a little bit of warmth and glow into your workspace with a small table lamp that doesn’t interfere with the surrounding environment. Corner lamps from Lladro are great for the purpose, especially if you opt for the Jamzz reading lamp pictured here. Its porcelain construction and minimalistic design make it a functional and aesthetic instrument to boost your focus – it’s like having your own personal sun within the office.

Image courtesy: Le Creuset

Watched pots

Entertaining clients and other executive visitors within your cabin is a good opportunity to build a steady work rapport. It gives them a flavour of the person they can look forward to interacting and collaborating with. Keep your official hosting kit ready for such occasions, complete with tasteful and elegant crockery. Le Creuset’s stoneware checks all the boxes, thanks to its simple designs in deep, rich hues.

If you’re the kind who dreads the Monday Blues, try stirring things up a little bit by dressing up your workstation with bits of your personality. Whether you’re sipping your brew from your favourite mug or signing checks with your trademark ink, it’s all about celebrating the small victories on the way to the bigger successes.

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