Your life s(h)aver guide to ‘No Shave November’

Your life s(h)aver guide to ‘No Shave November'

Gentlemen, it’s time to give your razors a break. It’s ‘No Shave November’ – a month dedicated to cancer awareness by letting those whiskers and stubbles grow out. The idea is to show solidarity and contribute to the cause with the savings you make from not having to shave and groom every day. You don’t just embrace a whole new look but also a great cause and because we are fans, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide to keep you looking smooth and stylish this entire season.

Stock up on those
grooming essentials

Let’s begin with the absolute essentials – what you’ll need to keep your beard and ‘stache healthy, neat and orderly. The Spruce Shave Club Cedarwood & Mandarin Beard Lovers’ Kit, available at our Nykaa outlet, comprises a bottle of beard oil, beard wash, a tub of moustache wax and a beard softener, along with a tiny wooden comb. Beard wash is different from your regular shampoo because it’s milder to use on facial hair – it helps scrub off the dirt, without stripping you of moisture and oils. Meanwhile, beard softener is a special leave-in conditioner to maintain the smooth texture and quality. Moustache wax works like styling gel to shape those whiskers. Besides, the Cedarwood scent will keep your smelling fresh and minty all day – what’s not to love!

Get the right
haircut and style

Once your stubble starts to grow into a beard, you’re going to make one last visit to the salon – to stop it from developing into an ungainly mess. A stylist can help you pick a cut for your beard and hair that would complement the shape of your face. If you would like to specify a grooming style, make sure you carry along a picture for references. You might think you wouldn’t need one, but it takes an expert to stop you from making regrettable decisions like opting for a goatee. Or a chin-strap (shudder). Experts will also guide you on maintaining a personal grooming routine for the rest of the month. Visit our Toni & Guy outlet for all of this and more.


Image courtesy: Toni & Guy

Tailor your
beard regularly

There is a ‘razor’ thin line between looking hipster and homeless – and it’s the very tool you use for trimming and shaping your beard. Your regular razor will not do. The Philips HP6522 trimmer comes with two speed settings and an in-built tweezer for greater precision during those frequent beard manicures. There is a whole range of these gadgets with a gamut of attachments that you can check out at Shopper’s Stop. It’s an efficient instrument to help you make a striking style statement with just a nip and tuck at your beard and ‘stache. Plus, it’s going to prove handy once the month is up and you feel like going back to your clean-shaven self.

Dress for your new look

Beards are often associated with a more rugged, outdoorsy look, so we recommend you lean right into this ‘lumberjack’ Autumn-Winter style. The dip in the temperatures this time of year means you can bring out the comfiest denims, thick work boots and plaid button-down shirts. Plaid is a thick, wool-based fabric that’s ideal for mild winters. It’s a single layer you can wear without bulking up your silhouette. The classic print is large checks in basic colours like blue, black and red. Our American Eagle store has these in stock right now. They’re perfect for a casual Friday at the office or a day out in the woods.

'Tie' it all together

Scarves are another element of winter fashion that can accentuate your beard because they draw attention to your face. They can also add a bit of colour to your outfit, as a welcome break from the sober greys and blues of men’s winterwear.

Hackett London has a wide range of stylish scarves for men. Yet again, we strongly recommend basic checks in versatile colours like deep green, maroon and navy. For a casual look, wear it in the ‘once around’ fashion (as pictured here) – it’s quick, classic and practical. A scarf can even double up as a cravat to wear under a shirt and blazer, when you’re dressing up for business.

Keep us posted on your progress with pictures on social media – it’s how you spread the word about the cause and the reason behind it. Don’t forget to tag us at @PalladiumChennai.


Image courtesy: Hackett London

Here’s wishing a happy and fulfilling ‘No Shave November’ to you all!

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