Celebrating the culinary cultures of the world at Palladium Food Court

Celebrating the culinary cultures of the world at Palladium Food Court

Aside from being Chennai’s leading luxury destination, Palladium is also home to a unique gourmet experience, wholly dedicated to world cuisine. If you’re looking to try out new-age, fusion food, then look no further than Palladium Food Court. From all-day breakfast to fine dining, Continental fare to Asian food, and frozen desserts to scorching sizzlers – the diverse range offered here spans the full spectrum of global culinary delights.

Here are five rare delicacies from their exclusive outlets that should make it to your ‘must-try’ list.


Image courtesy: The Sizzler House

New York Burger
at Smoke

We’re kicking off our list with this towering, authentic New York-style burger. Stacked with twice the usual layers of succulent patty, creamy cheese and fresh, crunchy veggies, it’s the biggest superstar on the menu at Smoke – The Sizzler House. With crisp, golden onion rings on top, it’s so tall that it needs to be held together with a steak knife. Don’t be intimidated by its enormity though, because it’s so delicious, you’ll demolish it in no time. While you’re there, do try their delicious steaks cooked in different sauces, thin crust pizzas and of course, the eponymous sizzlers.

Mezze Platter

At Palladium Food Court, we’ve even got all you health junkies covered, thanks to the Lyfe by Soul Garden Bistro outlet. Their menu is filled with a tonne of wholesome options like soups and salads. Our favourite is the Mezze Platter, a Mediterranean delicacy comprising small but filling portions of hummus, peta bread, sprouts and sauces. For those looking for something spicier, they’ve got Tacos, a popular Mexican staple. It’s the perfect place to take a break from your shopping, with some guilt-free gastronomic pleasure.


Image courtesy: Lyfe by Soul Garden Bistro


Image courtesy: Kababji Café

Arabic Platter

kewered, grilled and smoked to perfection, each offering at the Kababji Café is an exotic delight for the Indian palate. Their barbecue menu is a unique combination of Indo-Arabic flavours. The Arab Platter, pictured here, is just one of the many options from that part of the world. They even add their own signature twist to traditional Mughlai fare like Sheekh Kababs and Chicken Tikka. Their other sizzling bestsellers include the Lemon Pepper Barbecue and succulent, spiced rolls, which you can munch on while you browse our stores. For the vegetarians, we recommend the Arabic Salad, a weirdly wonderful delicacy with fresh vegetables drenched in flavourful, Middle-Eastern dressing.

Michael Jackson

After savouring sensational world cuisine, The Patissez Freak Station stall should be your next stop. The Michael Jackson Freakshake is an overload of Chocolate in all its glorious forms – cookie dough, fudge brownie and Ganache, topped with freshly toasted Marshmallow. We are also slightly partial to this dessert because of its name – picked perhaps because it’s as iconic as the King of Pop himself. The rose pink, Strawberry Cheesecake variant of this is the whimsically named Cheshire Cat Freakshake. These sweet endings are not just delectable, but also hugely Instagrammable, thanks to the viral sensation that is the Patissez brand. But we wonder when you’d get the time to stop and take a picture, considering you’d be so busy gorging!


Image courtesy: Patissez Freak Station


Image courtesy: The Duke of Juices

Kiwi with Ice Cream

Can you improve upon something as perfect as ice cream? Well, The Duke of Juices has – and how! They garnish their minty green scoops of ice cream with Kiwi, the exotic Australian fruit. The sweetness of the ice cream contrasts sharply with the tanginess of the fruit. And it’s every bit as delectable as the pictures suggest. Besides, this is one of the most wholesome toppings we’ve seen on frozen desserts so far.

There is much more to explore at Palladium Food Plaza – for instance, the authentic taste of Kerala at Kappa Chakka Kandhari, and traditional South Indian cuisine at Vasantha Bhavan Signature and Naga’s. There’s also a fun, peanut-themed outlet called Put Kadalai. As we said before, it’s not your regular food court – it’s a celebration of world food, and you are invited.

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