5 Super Authentic Looks For Halloween

5 Super Authentic Looks For Halloween

Most folks look at Halloween parties as an occasion to live a fantasy for one night of the year. We look at it as an opportunity to be your most authentic self – without the constraints of the latest fashions. Let your imagination run wild and draw inspiration from the themes and eras you’re most drawn to. Scroll down to pick the look that goes best with your personality


Image courtesy: Vajor

60's Flower Child

Ever wondered if you’re born in the wrong era?
In the post-Mad Men era, there has been a sudden revival of classic looks from the 1960s. Boho Chic is the new Flower Power. That’s why we homed in on Vajor’s delightful collection of Bohemian sun dresses and maxis. Throw in a set of rose-tinted, round go-go sunglasses, beach slippers and garlands and you’re all set to preach peace and love. For more impact, add a single bloom tucked behind your ear. And because this is a minimalistic look, keep your makeup light. A single stroke of thick cat eyeliner and some pink tinted lip gloss will be all you’d need.

80's Disco Diva

2019 has also been a big year for the revival of the 80s – thanks to Stranger Things and the grand comeback of synth pop. Our favourite look from the 80s is the Dazzling Disco look, hugely popular earlier in the decade. Don’t shy away from glitter – because this look is all about the glam and glitz. Pick one of Kazo’s shimmering offerings from their new Autumn Winter collection – the shinier the better. A gold or silver cowl-necked spaghetti strapped number, like the one pictured here, worn with wild, frizzy curls and strappy metallic heels is a great choice. Your outfit would be incomplete with giant hoops and a sequined clutch – head to our Salvatore Ferragamo store and Shaze to bag the best accessories to go with your look.


Image courtesy: Collective India


Image courtesy: Collective India

The Spy Who Loved Me

No matter what decade you’re in, 007’s crisp, vintage style will always be relevant. A sharp suit that fits you just right is hard to come by. So, pick one that’s tailored just for you. Collective India’s Made to Measure service offers you a personalised gentleman’s wardrobe, created by some of the world’s most skilled craftsmen. Emulating James Bond is impossible without those sweet gadgets. Accessorise with a classic analogue dial timepiece which can do a lot more than just tell the time – our top recommendation is the Chronograph series from Montblanc. The look works best with a clean shave, unless you’re channelling Bond in a hostage situation – doable, but not ideal.

Roman Goddess

Can we base your entire Halloween ensemble around a piece of jewellery? Yes, if it’s as exquisite as the handcrafted porcelain collection from Lladro. The one pictured here is from their ‘Heliconia’ collection. The delicate yet bold floral patterns in pure white, when teamed with a basic white slip dress, look divine enough to pass off as an ensemble fit for a deity. Slip on a matching flower tiara and get ready to be worshipped. Use gold eye shadow and body glitter to radiate throughout the night, like a goddess. Keep your tresses loose or tie them in a loose knot at the back and keep it together with hairspray, for untouchable, ethereal perfection.


Image courtesy: Lladro

Image courtesy: American Eagle

90's Nostalgia

If you’re a millennial, your timeline is most likely just a bunch of memes and tonnes of 90s nostalgia. If you miss your Power Rangers, packs of Mango Fruity and looking forward to the next season of Friends, the Halloween party is your chance to bring it all back – even if it’s for just one night. Dig into your high school closet for high-waisted jeans, puff-sleeved blouses and thick-soled sneakers. For the boys, baggy jeans and oversized jerseys and sweatshirts are the way to go. The one thing that’s bound to remind of the golden era is the headband – a sporty one for the men and an oversized elastic one for the girls.

No matter what costume you pick for the night, the ensembles above are easy to put together, without compromising on your very unique sense of style. At the end of the day, it’s all about being comfortable in your skin every day, even when in a costume.

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