5 Universal Lessons on Style by Fashion’s Best Teachers

Image courtesy: Kate Spade

5 Universal Lessons on Style by Fashion’s Best Teachers

Fashion and style can never really be taught. Yet, we all need a little guidance and a smidgen of honest counsel to pick out what looks and feels right when worn. On the Interweb, there is an overwhelming surge of information on the subject, that may not always sit right with our personal style. That is why we look to designers to break it all down for us. After all, who better than the creators of the trends themselves to comment on how to keep up with said trends? Below is a list of our five favourite lessons from designers and how their labels adhere to the adage.

Lesson #1

‘‘Rushing to embrace every trend will leave you fashionable, but not stylish.”
– Michael Kors
Michael Kors, the creator of the eponymous bags and accessories label, makes a great point about timelessness. Trends keep changing, but a sense of style is more personal and permanent. A great wardrobe isn’t just a mere collection of trends that are up to the minute, but a reflection of your uniqueness, a sum of everything that makes you who you are. Don’t just dive into the first piece that makes it from the runway to the rack. Instead, invest in timeless pieces that you can craft into ensembles relevant in every season and era.


Image courtesy: Micheal Kors


Image courtesy: Salvatore Ferragamo

Lesson #2

“Elegance and comfort are not incompatible, and whoever maintains the contrary simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
– Salvatore Ferragamo
It’s not surprising that Italian designer, Salvatore Ferragamo – and the founder of a luxury leather accessories brand, Salvatore Ferragamo believes that one can be sophisticated without compromising on one’s comfort. This philosophy is lovingly woven into all their designs and patented innovations such as like the wedge heel and the cage heel. Pictured here, is an elegant, high-heeled Mary Jane, bearing their signature Gancini crest. It’s a testament to their devotion to marrying luxury with ease. They were also the creators of the now ubiquitous and uber-comfortable ‘Vara’ ballet pumps.

Lesson #3

“She who leaves a trail of glitter is not forgotten”
– Kate Spade
Founder of the iconic handbag label, Kate Spade shares more than just her love for glitter with this little nugget of wisdom. Fashion might be about blending in with the crowd, but style is what makes you stand out. Adding a little sparkle – with a sequined clutch or a dazzling piece of jewelry – might just be the touch you need to make a statement. Grab the spotlight with elegant tints like rose gold, charcoal silver, shimmery emerald and gleaming turquoise.


Image courtesy: Kate Spade


Image courtesy: Satya Paul

Lesson #4

“Design is like a river for me, it is continuously on. My work is worship for me. Anything one is immersed in is equally satisfying. The problem is doing things half-heartedly. This applies to anything that one does in life.” – Satya Paul
Designer Satya Paul usually lets his work speak for him. The evolution of his designs makes the words he does indulges us with, more powerful than ever. Each Satya Paul creation has a distinct fluidity to it, that is a result of the devotion and sincerity with which it is conceptualised and crafted. Treat your wardrobe like an artist treats a canvas to paint on. To take a leaf from Satya Paul’s book, pick a style that defines you and commit to it completely.

Lesson #5

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.” – Calvin Klein
Calvin Klein doesn’t bend his words when speaking passionately about style. The ones above are a reminder that even the most effortless of styles takes work. Remember that the scores of easygoing looks donned by bloggers and influencers on the Internet are a result of countless costume changes, nude makeup, flawless framing and photo-editing software. The key to easing into your own sense of


Image courtesy: Calvin Klein

style is to start with being comfortable in your own skin. The security and confidence
are bound to shine through, no matter what you wear.

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