Accessorise Your Way To A New You At Palladium Luxury Fest

Accessorise Your Way To A New You At
Palladium Luxury Fest

The end of season sale is more than just a hedonistic opportunity to shop more. Sometimes, it’s the spur you need to refresh your lifestyle to let it reflect and foster your growth. Here is how investing in the right accessories for yourself and your home can be the catalyst towards the much-needed revival in your routine.

Image courtesy: India Circus

Create a new ritual

Mastering the morning ritual is perhaps the easiest way to get on track with your life goals. The earlier you begin your day, the more likely you are to mark all your tasks for the day off the checklist. Creating a relaxing but wholesome morning ritual can be just the motivation you need to get out of bed. It doesn’t always have to be a rigorous exercise routine. It can be as simple as brewing yourself a cup of tea and sipping it by the window, mentally prepping for the day ahead. A favourite new mug or a teapot with a quirky pattern might be a good way to get started. Head to our India Circus store to check out the deals on their delicious range of crockery to reset your circadian clock.


Image courtesy: The JUNGHANS Meister Chronoscope from Ethos

Buy yourself some time

The one key feature that sets apart most driven folks from their slightly less focussed counterparts is The Timepiece. Sure, looking into your personal electronics every now and then to stick to your schedule is convenient – but it’s not exactly a sweeping testament to your efficiency. At the Palladium Luxury Fest, you can finally invest in a high-end watch that will not only be the perfect accessory but a reflection of your commitment to timeliness. It’s how you declare the existence of order in your life. A digital dial is great but these analogue pieces on sale at Ethos right now are timeless.

Reconnect with your roots

The start of the festive season in India is a good time to revisit tradition. But if you’ve been looking to incorporate more ethnicity into your everyday wardrobe, then invest in Indian accessories that will inspire you to don those sarees you’ve been meaning to wear more often. An intricately crafted pair of jhumkas (like Art Karat’s Janaki work from Jaipur pictured here) or oxidised metal bangles are a safe bet. But if you’re feeling adventurous, a mangteek or anklets can become part of your new signature look. Our sale can help you bag rare gems and quality workmanship at stores like Art Karat and Masami.


Image courtesy: Art Karat


Image courtesy: D’décor

Brighten your surroundings

A home makeover isn’t always about heavy renovations where you break down walls, repaint them and retile your floor. A splash of colour with new fabric and upholstery can infuse new life into your surroundings. To add more placidity into your life, opt for shades like beige, salmon or mauve. Meanwhile, tints like blue, green and yellow can immediately infuse rigour and energy into a corner – perfect for a room set for your next creative project. Take advantage of the heavy discounts at Palladium Luxury Fest and grab some delicious deals on elegant fabrics from brands like D’décor and Stories.

Organise your life

Finally, you can’t put a price on the importance of discipline and direction in your life. But with seriously good deals at luxury furniture outlets like Stories, you can definitely put a great price on storage units and accessories that can help you organise. Let the solid workmanship, quality material and thoughtful designs reinforce your commitment to order. Allocating spaces correctly also helps you take stock of the things you value most in your life. Once you establish your systems and your priorities, you’re all set to tackle whatever challenges come your way.


Image courtesy: Stories

So head to the Palladium Luxury Fest today and get started on your plan to conquer the world.

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