5 Timeless Hacks for The Gentleman’s Wardrobe

5 Timeless Hacks for The Gentleman’s Wardrobe

From staid white shirts and dark-tinted lowers to slim fit jeans and neck scarves – men’s fashion has undergone a sizeable evolution over the past decade. But style is extremely personal and there are no rules to how you can create your own inimitable look. What we have here, though, is a list of guidelines to use as a blueprint for your wardrobe. Scroll down to see what the experts say when it comes to fashion basics. We’re also calling out some widely held menswear myths – so you can take notes for the next time you go shopping.

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Your all-purpose watch doesn’t need to be smart

In this connected world, smart devices are a tempting proposition. But try to limit that dependence on technology to your smartphone and a tablet. Digital dials may be terribly convenient but there is a certain timeless elegance to an analog dial that they can’t match. Besides, there are a number of new-age options that incorporate a chronograph, water-resistant materials and a host of other features that can complement your formal attire just as well as your outdoor gear.


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The perfect suit doesn’t
have to be black

Yes, we’ve all pictured ourselves in black suits, coolly walking away from a car explosion in slo-mo, with the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ soundtrack playing in the background. But truth be told, outside of film-sets, funerals and fantasies, black suits don’t quite fit in with the real world. That’s because black tends to run faster than other colours and a faded black suit doesn’t look as sharp after a couple of washes. A good colour to invest in instead is a deep blue. It effortlessly maintains the sobriety and sophistication of black, while simultaneously eliminating the monotony and gloom associated with the colour.

When in doubt, pick white
shoes for casual wear

We are convinced that white sneakers come with magical powers. They can convert any informal outfit into a striking fashion statement that’s as good as an iconic “celebrity airport look” – whether it’s your favourite pair of chinos, a well-fitted tracksuit you prefer to lounge around in or even uber-casual shorts. For maximum impact, wear them with a colourful pair of socks, classic black shades and a perfect fade. And of course, keep them squeaky clean. Besides the oomph they lend to your outfit, they are comfortable and effortless, making you look well-coordinated and youthful, without having to try too hard.


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Stripes don’t always
have to be vertical

Mixing and matching prints of all manner – florals, paisleys and block – is in. But if you’re looking for a timeless style, then stripes are the way to go. Most men play it safe with vertical pinstripes on full sleeved shirts, buttoned all the way up to the collar. For a more relaxed look though, you can opt for broader stripes that run horizontally. Conventional colours like blue and grey are your best friends, but you should absolutely experiment with cool hues like green, purple and indigo. Steer clear of red and black though – unless you’re planning on auditioning for ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ or the role of an inmate.

Checks are for more
than just shirts

Checks are another favourite for men’s office wear and business casuals – usually reserved for shirts. But you can get playful with the print, with checked jackets, blazers and suits. A checked blazer is a great way to add a dressier spin to your basic white tee-shirt and blue jeans look. In order to keep things simple and minimal, make sure the other parts of the outfit are neutral-coloured and plain. For formals, do try to coordinate the colour of your tie with the trousers. Checked trousers worn without matching jackets, though, are not a great idea, unless your day involves golf.


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Be willing to experiment with colours, patterns and fresh fabrics, keeping the above guidelines in mind, and you’ll soon be able to create your own distinctive style that’s perfect for every season.

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