Unique Gift Ideas for the Uniquely Gifted

Unique Gift Ideas for the Uniquely Gifted

Gift-hunting isn’t rocket science. But when it comes to those rare, creative kinds in your circle, a standard issue bottle of perfume or a watch doesn’t quite cut it. Just the way there isn’t a limit to their imagination, there is no limit to the ideas you can apply when it comes to buying them something truly meaningful. Here are some of our top recommendations that are bound to inspire them to create something new everyday.

For the Storyteller

As Stephen King puts it, “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others – read a lot and write a lot.” Both these activities require people to spend time sitting at a writing desk. Unfortunately, a passion for writing is often accompanied with a severe inertia to get started. Great storytellers are notorious for their proclivity to procrastinate. They’re often found everywhere but at their writing desks, fighting a writer’s block. Here is where you can help – by creating the perfect environment to get their creative juices flowing. Refresh their writing space with an ergonomically designed table and a study lamp that improves focus. Add some flair to the room makeover with some greenery and framed quotes by their favourite writers – perhaps the one cited above – to get them to begin work on that novel or screenplay they’ve been deferring for ages.


A study makeover by Vajor


Designer cheese board by India Circus

For the Culinary Genius

The greatest chefs in your friend circle are perhaps already equipped with all the accoutrements needed to rev up their finest recipes. There are only so many pots and pans you can buy them for every special occasion. Thankfully, labels like India Circus continue to create bright, quirky accessories that can add a quaint charm to even the most well-stocked kitchens. For instance, the designer cheese and chopping board pictured above is not just cleverly functional, but also commands a certain festive flair. It’s a thoughtfully crafted tool your friend will use amply and flaunt proudly.

An Alanis Bucket Bag for her and a Henry Backpack for him by Michael Kors

For the Performer

If you have loved ones trying to make it in the performing arts, you’d know that they are always shuffling between auditions, rehearsals and live shows. This means that on an average day, they’re carrying on them a change of clothes, makeup, water bottles and copies of scripts or sheet music. Get them a capacious ‘hustle’ bag that can accommodate all the paraphernalia needed to get them through the day. The numbers from Michael Kors pictured above are appropriately sized for the purpose and sturdy enough to withstand the load. Besides, your favourite performer will appreciate how elegantly they’d complement every outfit.


Augmented Paper Set by Montblanc

For the Artist

Artistic inspiration is a whimsical, fleeting thing and needs to be acted upon instantly – which is why you find artists constantly sketching away in notebooks, on loose sheets or even on tissues at a café. Those scraps bearing their original works, unfortunately, are hard to store permanently. Montblanc’s Augmented Paper Set solves this dilemma by combining the joy of sketching on real paper with the convenience of digitisation. The StarWalker writing instrument developed specially for the Augmented Paper inside the notebook can create soft copies of the sketches that can be transferred on to a smart device, with the aid of a digitiser. It’s pocket-sized, new-age magic that your friend can carry around to be prepared for the next time inspiration strikes.

For the Photographer

Photographers usually maintain comprehensive online profiles of their complete body of work. You can browse through it all to select a favourite that can be printed and framed to display in their living room. It’ll serve as a thoughtful memoir of their best work and as an inspiration for the next one. Pick a frame that would blend well with their décor. Neutral colours like gold and beige work best, largely depending on the photograph you’ve chosen. Stories has a series of simple yet elegant frames that can turn a cherished memory into beautiful art.


Picture frame by Stories

You don’t really need an occasion to light up someone’s life with a bit of creative inspiration.
It might just be the small boost they need to turn a casual hobby into a serious calling.

Hope this little guide helps you look forward to putting together the perfect outfit for your next big presentation. If you have some great workwear jewellery tips for us,
let us know in the comments below.

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