Gear to inspire the outdoor man in you

Gear to inspire the outdoor man in you

If you’ve been feeling a little rundown by your daily routine, it might be time to switch off the telly, tune out all the streaming sites, get off social media and go explore the great outdoors. Spending time beyond the comfort of our urban
surroundings is essential to our physical and mental well-being. If you need more reasons to get out of the city, below is a list of gear that’s bound to get you craving for the elements.


Image courtesy: Mont Blanc

The Montblanc 1858
Monopusher Chronograph
(Limited Edition) watch

There is nothing cosier than sipping on a warm cup of tea, sitting by your window, watching it pour outside. Add a bright, cheery teapot to your crockery collection – for those times your need to brew yourself and your loved ones a large batch of the classic comfort beverage.

Image courtesy: Vans

Vans Ultra Range 3D shoes

An evolution of premium shoemaker Vans’ original design for skateboarders, the Ultra Range 3D takes the ruggedness and durability a few notches up for wild forest trails. Besides the comfort, lightness and extreme grip they offer, they look “ultra” stylish – whether you’re wearing them with jeans, corduroy pants or a track suit.

The Nike Tech Pack hoodie

When you’re on the move in the great outdoors, you need to be prepared for all kinds of weather. Since you’re more susceptible to sudden temperature fluctuations, it’s a good idea to carry a jacket that offers a combination of warmth and ventilation. This Nike jacket checks both the boxes, while being light and compact enough to fit into your
backpack. Besides, the deep zippered pockets mean
more room to tuck away your outdoor essentials.


Image courtesy: Nike


Image courtesy: Tumi Travels

The Tahoe Collection
backpacks by Tumi

These high-end backpacks not only look great but are also designed to be sturdy and easy to carry. While we urge you to go into the wilderness without any of your personal electronics, these bags pack in a well crafted padded compartment for your laptop – in case you plan to stay connected. Some pieces in the collection come with different design features – for instance, the elastic cords with toggle on the Westville, to hold in a blanket or a jacket.

The Le Creuset Tagine

Designer cookware label Le Creuset has come up with its own spin on the traditional Moroccan vessel for slow cooking meats and vegetables over a grill – making it ideal for delicious meals to enjoy while camping. If you haven’t yet thought of pitching a great big tent under the stars and living off the land, this delightful innovation might be the spur you need.


Image courtesy: Le Creuset

Let us know which of our accessories you’re going to carry with you on
your next big adventure.

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