5 Getaways For 5 Different Kinds of Travellers From Chennai

5 Getaways For 5 Different Kinds of Travellers From Chennai

It’s perhaps only been a few weeks since you got back from your annual month-long summer vacation. But it’s completely understandable if you feel like you need to recharge your batteries again. Thankfully, you don’t need to take an entire month or even a week off to find some R&R. With some scenic getaways just a few hours by road from Chennai, all you need is a weekend, the right gear and a ride to take you there. Since no two travellers are alike, we’ve listed down different kinds of sojourns for different kinds of people. Scroll down to identify what type you are to find your own paradise – not too far away from home.


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The Explorer – Nagalapuram

If you’re the kind looking for some adventure into the unknown, preferably in the outdoors, then the temple town of Nagalapuram is for you. Located in Andhra Pradesh, just 71km from Chennai, the station has an abundant forest cover spotted with mystical temples and a spectacular waterfall – making it a perfect trekking destination. The narrow paths cutting through thick jungles, with the trails getting slippery in the monsoon call for the right hiking gear. Head to our Hackett London store to stock up on warm, waterproof jackets, full length trousers in thick materials like corduroy and securely laced ankle-length boots.

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The History Buff – Vellore

Around 140 kilometres from Chennai, towards the Eastern Ghats, lies Vellore, a city steeped in history. Those of you looking to dig deeper into the cultural heritage of South India can start with a visit to the legendary Vellore Fort. The fort also houses the vast State Government Museum containing relics from the ancient Dravidian Civilisation, dating back to 400BC. While this trip may not be as physically demanding as a forest trek, it’s a good idea to be prepared for plenty of walking in between the historical landmarks. Make sure you carry a light backpack just big enough to store supplies – like a quick snack, water bottles, a battery pack and a small guide book to refer to, for more intriguing displays at
the museum.

The Nature Lover –

A picturesque 60 kilometre drive along a coastal road to the north of Chennai takes you to a tiny yet spectacular town called Pulicat. Because it was a prominent Dutch settlement up till the 17 th century, the coastal community comprises a pleasant mix of eastern and western influences. But the diversity doesn’t just extend to the culture of the place. The proximity to the sea as well as the famous Pulicat
Lake attracts a variety of birds to the area. Look out for rare and exotic species of pelicans, storks and flamingos. As always, we urge you to travel in light yet rugged clothing – Nothing beats jeans and a light- coloured shirt. A stylish leather waist bag will help you keep your hands free to reach out for your binoculars and camera as and when you spot any of your favourite feathered friends.


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The Beach Baby –

Some of us cannot imagine a getaway without the sun, sand and the sea – something that’s hard to come by all-year round. Thankfully, Pondicherry retains the laid-back and lively feel of a beach town, irrespective of the season you visit it in. The French colonial vibe of the tropical city makes for a serene sojourn where you can sit back and relax by the pool at your favourite resort, or stroll through the market and stopover at a café to read a book. It’s a small slice of heaven, just about a hundred and fifty
kilometres from Chennai, where your bright pastel shirts and flowy sundresses will never go out of season.

The Architecture Nerd –

Jeans may seem like the most versatile choice thanks to the extremely comfortable, rugged and easy-to-wash nature of the fabric. But they tend to get damp – with water, when it’s raining and with sweat, when it’s sunny. Denim
dresses, however, don’t suffer from these drawbacks. They’re usually constructed out of finer denim that falls more freely, dries up faster and doesn’t confine you.
Dresses that end a little above your ankle, like this Vajor piece, look elegant when worn over rain-proof boots.

Pro-tip: While denim dresses in a variety of shades are fun and in-season right now, blue is a classic choice that will always remain timeless. You can add colour with chunky jewellery and long, flowy capes.


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Now that you know that these spectacular towns are only a few hours away, mark your long weekends for a quick getaway. Besides, you can pick the town you want to visit, depending on the kind of break you need – ranging from pure adventure to a cultural staycation.

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