6 ways to refresh your resolutions, mid-year

6 ways to refresh your resolutions, mid-year

The new year is a great time to take steps to evolve and make positive changes in one’s life. But more often than not, sticking to the resolution starts to wear one down and half-way through the year, you start to slide back into old, comforting routines. The good news is that you can choose any time to revisit your commitment to change – especially now, with the 6-month mark hailing the onset of the rains. As the monsoon washes the earth and renews everything, you can use this time to get back on track and return to keeping your resolutions with a renewed vigour. Here are six ways to recharge your batteries and get your mid-year motivation to hit the reset button on life.


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Write down your goals to start tracking your progress

Writing is a powerful tool that can help you reinforce your faith in yourself. Set aside a special corner in your home to carry out this exercise – complete with a writing table, instruments and blank sheets. Better still, purchase a diary or a notebook for just this purpose to make things more official.

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Change your workout routine

Even if exercising more is not one of your resolutions this year, including workouts in your lifestyle can lift your mood and help you focus better. If you’re not feeling particularly inspired to get moving, then make a small change in your workout routine to bring back the motivation. Invest in new gym wear, switch your gym training with dance classes, or simply change your daily jogging route – keep experimenting until you find out what suits you best.

A getaway to break the
routine before you revisit
your resolutions

Sometimes, it’s more effective to hit the ‘snooze’ button before you hit ‘reset’ on life. Take a break from your routine and go to a new place, away from whatever wears you down in your life right now. Whether you’re by the beachside or on a mountain top, make sure you carry your diary of resolutions there and journalise how you plan to stick to your resolutions once you get back.


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Create a self-care ritual

Taking positive steps in your life starts with taking care of yourself. Besides exercising and eating healthy, it’s important to make a habit of taking out time to just relax and shut out the outside world. A self-care ritual can include a nightly beauty routine that rejuvenates your skin and hair, or even a refreshing shower with therapeutic essential oils – anything to calm your mind and body down before you sleep, so that you can attend to your resolutions with renewed strength the next day.

Let your attitude and
workwear reflect the
new ‘you’ at office

Your work hours make up for a large part of your day. A healthy environment at the office can help you achieve your goals – in not just your professional life but also your personal life. Let your positive outlook flow through your actions and words at work as well. Making tangible changes also makes an impact. Brighten up your work wardrobe and your desk to reflect your new mindset.
Here’s hoping you get back to your new year resolutions with renewed energy and vigour. It’s never too late to turn your year around. Wishing you a Happy-Rest-Of-The-Year!


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