6 Jewellery Essentials To Glam Up Your Work Wardrobe

6 Jewellery Essentials To Glam Up
Your Work Wardrobe

When life gives you Monday, dip it in glitter and sparkle all day.- Ella Woodward, celebrity food blogger

Nothing like some sizzling 9-to-5 jewellery to add that ‘glitter and sparkle’ to your whole week. When it comes to accessories, most workwear guides urge you to keep it subtle and minimal, restricting your choices to pearls and diamonds. But we’re here to tell you that office jewellery can range from simple and elegant to bold and eye-catching – as long as you team it with the right outfits. Here are the six essentials you need to bling it on at work.

Whether it’s a button-down blazer or a high-collared blouse, a pendant strung on a slim gold or silver chain immediately completes the look. Smaller, delicate pieces might not be noticeable, so make sure you pick one that doubles up as a centrepiece for your style. If it’s a versatile design, it can even become your signature look.

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One ring to rule them all

If you’re new to the idea of accessorising to work, then start small – with a ring. It might seem like a minor addition to your ensemble, but it makes a big impact by lending a subtle elegance to your look. While stones set in gold or silver might be a popular choice, we’d recommend a large signet ring that complements every colour.


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Hoop leader

Don’t be afraid to experiment with bolder styles like hoops. While plain gold or silver hoops are a classic choice, bedazzled ones make for a striking statement when coupled with formal skirts or dresses. Round off the look with gold or silver heels to match.

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Calculated Disks

Danglers or chandelier earrings are the staple accessories for every other traditional day at work. But large, disk studs cut in ethnic designs add a unique touch to your ensemble, without weighing you down. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can even use them to brighten up a plain white blouse.


Image courtesy: Mangatrai Neeraj Jewellers

Law of the Bangle

To refresh your everyday look at work, swap your wristwatch for an elegant bracelet or even a bangle. Don’t pair them up – just pick one big, juicy piece lined with stones or bearing a prominent motif. You could wear it on your bare arm in a sleeveless outfit or even over the cuff of a well-fitted full-sleeved blouse.


Gem fatale

Your office jewellery collection cannot be complete without a piece bearing a vividly coloured rock or two. Gemstone earrings, especially, are a great way to add some drama to the boring whites, blacks and greys we usually wear to work.


Image courtesy: Masami Jewels

Hope this little guide helps you look forward to putting together the perfect outfit for your next big presentation. If you have some great workwear jewellery tips for us,let us know in the comments below.

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