Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner. If you’re out of ideas on ways to make the day special for your mum, then this post is for you. Just remember that the perfect gift doesn’t need to be an elaborate display of how well you’re doing in life – she’s already proud of you and she doesn’t need grand gestures from you to prove it. All she wants from you is a little thoughtfulness. No present is enough to really appreciate your mother. But here is a list of things you can do to come close.

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Catch up with her over coffee

The best present you can give your mother is your time. Set up a coffee date with her. Leave your respective phones behind and just get up to speed with all that’s going on in her life and yours. She’d be happy to spend a day getting to know you better. Besides, delicious coffee – iced or steaming hot – makes all conversations flow better.

Make her a “me time” pack

Everyone needs a break from their daily routines every now and then. Our mothers hardly ever pamper themselves though, because they’re so busy looking after everyone else. Here is your chance to give her a much-needed break. Pick up some great self-care products, including bath salts, shower gels and body lotions and pack them up with a book by her favourite author. Draw her a bath and let her enjoy some time to herself. Meanwhile, you can take care of her errands and chores, so she can relax and unwind hassle-free.


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Redecorate her surroundings

This one is a little tricky but if you know your mum well enough, then it’s a clear winner. Pick a room where she spends most of her time and redecorate it with new upholstery, a fresh coat of paint or beautiful lighting that suits her tastes. Make sure you’ve arranged another appointment for her, some place else, so you can get to work while she’s not around and be ready with her surprise.

Arrange some R&R for her

Nothing like some old-school pampering for your mum. If you’re already in on the coffee-date idea, then you can take the day ahead with an appointment at a hair salon or spa where you can get makeovers together. Besides, it’s another way to catch up on time you’ve not been able to spend, while you get your hair done. Try and get your mum to experiment with an edgy look too, like highlights or even hair sparkle. It’s one way to make Mother’s Day last a lot longer than that one day.


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Refresh her wardrobe

Remember going shopping with your mum on your birthday – where she was the one treating you to your favourite clothes and shoes? Well, it’s time to return the favour. Make an outing out of the occasion, by picking a store that caters to your mum’s tastes. Let her try out different styles too. You both could even have your own version of the ‘movie dressing room montage’ – trying out different outfits together. Don’t be afraid to get bold or even silly. And don’t forget to take pictures.

If you’ve got a special day set aside for your mum, tell us about it in the comments below.

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