How to ‘Power-Dress’ While Keeping it Feminine

How to ‘Power-Dress’ While Keeping it Feminine

At the very onset, let’s begin with the first requisite for dressing up – It is Comfort. Comfort breeds confidence, and confidence breeds power. So, power-dressing for women starts with what makes her comfortable. Moving ahead, it is important that women look professional, but at the same time retain their feminity. You can easily keep it feminine as you power-dress in multiple yet subtle ways.

Having said that, the nuances of power dressing may vary through different professions and can be said to be culturally relative. So, the ball-game here is about finding the universal and basic power-dressing rules.


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Suit Up

You can never really go wrong with a suit on any professional occasion. If not the suit, a well-tailored jacket can also do the task. When choosing a suit for yourself, make sure to keep in mind the fabric and the pattern. A fabric that is light-weight and all-seasonal, is a big yes! Try to keep patterns on the minimal and always go for the classic cut.

Let Lips Do the Talking

A neutral stance works the best only when choosing a lip colour (for rest of the things, you got to make up your mind and pick a side). You have the choice to pick a fuchsia or a purple, but do you really think it will blend well with your power-dress? AND, you can do red, definitely! For the days when you are feeling sassy, paint your lips with the power colour red, and pair it with minimal make-up


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Find the Sole Purpose

Let there be power in your strut, and poise in your gait. When the power-lady walks, people make way for her. Make sure to keep your footwear comfortable. If you can rock those stilettoes, go ahead and put them on, but don’t force-fit it. Just avoid flats and choose your shoes to give you at least an inch of the added height.

Jewels? Bling ON!

Pearls, studs, a brooch, or a delicate pendant does the task to spell out power. Avoid wearing too much bling and keep it simple. Simplicity is the highest form of elegance and an elegant ensemble is always classy.


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Grab the Bag

Clothes: Check | Make-up: Check | Footwear: Check | Jewellery: Check. Now, complete that power-look with a good-looking bag. Try staying away from a bold shade and be mindful about the size. Do not carry a bag that is as big as a beach tote or so small that it can’t hold your phone, wallet, keys, and compact.

In the end, attitude is everything. You can ace anything you wear if you have the right temperament and the right combination of all that we listed above. Let your confidence reign as you stand tall in your power-dress ensemble. Check out and shop at the H&M, Dune London, Masami Jewels, The Collective India, and Michael Kors at Palladium and be the boss-lady of your life and rule the world.

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