How to infuse more laughter into your life

How to infuse more laughter into your life

Laughter is the simplest source of joy. It helps you connect better with the world outside of you and accept what you may not be able to control. It’s also known to have plenty of therapeutic benefits – such as reducing anxiety, strengthening one’s heart and boosting the immune system. But we understand that life has its ups and downs, and in order to keep us from taking things too seriously, we always need to be reminded to lighten up a little. Here is our guide to simple ways to inject laughter into your life.


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Catch up with friends
who make you laugh

We’re often surrounded by serious people at work, where we spend most of our day. If you’re lucky, you perhaps have a work friend you can sneak away with for a few laughs – over everything from the dysfunctional coffee machine in the cafeteria to the extended meeting that nobody enjoyed being part of. But if you’re feeling overwhelmed, calling up an old buddy to catch up on old times and have him or her help you find humour in a trying situation too.

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Have fun with fashion

We’re often under a great deal of pressure to look our best – even at the cost of our comfort and happiness. But what if we told you that fashion is about being yourself and letting your mood dictate your attire? From comic book-inspired shoes to your favourite comic character on a tee-shirt – there is a lot you can do to infuse humour into your wardrobe. And without compromising on style.

Make conscious efforts
to laugh with Laughter

Yoga by itself is widely considered the best way to relax and rejuvenate. Mix it up with laughter and you have yourself a winning combination. Laughter Yoga is a group exercise that has trained professionals guiding you through a chuckle session. Besides being a great workout, the practice immensely improves your mood, thanks to the laughter that helps builds strong connections with others.


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Record funny thoughts in a journal

Laughter doesn’t always have to be a group activity. Don’t wait for a funny movie to hit the theatres or a hit sitcom to scorch the IMDb ratings to give yourself some comic relief. Life, if you are observant enough, has its own moments that can make you smile. Keep a special journal to record these memories. You can revisit those moments whenever you are feeling down – who knows, it might even lead to material for your own stand-up act.
Laughter breaks down our barriers and opens us up to new experiences and people. Make sure you’re getting your dose of it every day. Afterall, laughter may not be the best medicine, but a regular helping doesn’t hurt.

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