Breeziest jewellery ideas to keep it light this summer

Breeziest jewellery ideas to keep it light this summer

Summer fashion has always been associated with light, breezy styles that complement the soaring temperatures. But to complete the look, it’s also important to accessorise right. Think jewellery is too cumbersome and overbearing for the season? Think again. Here are some tips to rock each outfit with the perfect trinkets and baubles.


Image courtesy: Masami Jewels

Summery crystals

It’s time to bring out the most brilliant blues, purples, greens and tangerines out of your trinket box. Large, juicy amethysts and emeralds make for the ideal match to your sundress for that sundowner. Besides, the cool, smooth cut rocks against your skin are a great alternative to heavy metallic jewellery that will only weight you down.

Go chunky

Summer is also the best time to bring out all your chunkiest, boldest accessories, whether it’s large pendants, beaded necklaces or dramatic bracelets. Get creative with the materials you pick. They can range from clay and stone to fabrics like jute and silk.


Image courtesy: Art Karat


Image courtesy: Shaze

Off-shoulder matches

As you don the sundresses, tank tops, tube dresses and a variety of styles that show off your shoulders, don’t forget to team them up with a bold choker. Remember to pick a striking, eye-catching piece to make a bold statement.

Floral fantasy

Flower power has made a comeback in terms of fabric and design – so why shouldn’t your jewellery reflect that? There are a tonne of options to pick from when it comes to flowery accessories. You can opt for the traditional filigree work in different metals. For those of you who’d like to experiment, labels like Lladro have a special collection of handmade porcelain trinkets inspired by nature.


Image courtesy: Lladro


Image courtesy: Mangatrai Neeraj

Subtle and elegant

If you’d like to keep your jewellery minimal for everyday wear, then adding a slim bracelet or a bangle to your ensemble is a good way to set a signature look. The styles is just as easy on the eyes as it is light on your arms.

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