5 Ways To Bring In More Happiness This Season

5 Ways To Bring In More Happiness This Season

As the dreary winter gives way to warmer, balmier days, it’s time to get your life to a sunny head-start too. Here is our quick shortlist of things you can do to brighten up your life and usher in more sunshine.

Light up. Literally.

Nothing can lift up your spirits more dramatically than a well-lit room. Rearrange your furniture to let more sunlight in. Chase away the darkness by doing up your décor in vibrant, mood-elevating colours.

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Wear your spirits high

Don’t let heavy fabrics weigh your spirits down. It’s the time for breezy, vibrant hues and let your wardrobe reflect that. Let chiffons, pastels, linens and florals become your signature this season.

You can even spread the joy with what you wear. Brands like Being Human help you up your style quotient as well as your happiness quotient by contributing their profits to charitable causes.

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Invest in spreading happiness with Being Human

Find your Zen zone

Meditation is time tested method to boost your mood. Pick a space that resonates most with you and spend a few minutes to calm your thoughts. It could be a favourite spot at a neighbouring park or a Promenade. You could even create room for the activity inside your house with a candles, incense sticks and potted plants to bring in the good vibes.

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Get moving

Physical activity is a sure shot way to release those endorphins. While a lot of people draw inspiration and get energised at a gym or at a rigorous martial arts class, you can adapt the workout to suit your mood. For instance, dancing can keep you fit and happy just the same. Plus it comes with music, which is an instant mood elevator.

These leggings could be your inspiration to join that dance class Image courtesy: Nike

Savour happiness

Creating positive food habits can greatly improve your temperament. Wholesome, hearty meals make for great moments too, cumulating into a happier you. Besides, keeping a balanced diet helps you savour the occasional indulgences too. Make sure to include a healthy dose of greens and nuts so you can enjoy guilt-free, joyful cheat days.

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Image courtesy: Pappa Roti

A wholesome diet helps you savour the cheat days better. Image courtesy: Starbucks India

These are just a few measures you can take towards more sweetness, light and joy in your life. Here’s hoping they help you look at the world with gratitude, live in the moment and add to your bank of positive memories.

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