The Pressed-For-Time Girl’s Guide To Buying Him A Proposal Ring

The Pressed-For-Time Girl’s Guide To Buying Him
A Proposal Ring

Planning to propose him in time for Valentine’s Day but unsure what ring type will best do justice to his personality? Here’s a quick guide.

The Simplicity Lover

Is the man of your dreams too shy when it comes to making a fashion statement, especially with jewellery and accessories? The classic plain band is your go-to-ring in that case. Pick one in white gold or platinum to give it a classy touch. If you feel like taking it a notch higher, consider one that’s broad enough with a single diamond in the centre of the band. If it feels too plain to you, remember, he is the one who’s going to be wearing it; he’d be happy you considered his personal preferences rather than opting for something that is more your style.

The Closet Fashionista

Does your man claim to hate fashion but secretly spends time fussing over a shirt or setting his hair for minutes on end? Well, the proposal ring you want to buy for him is one that is stylish but subtle. Consider investing in a band with slight detailing – three diamonds, matte finish and chic engraved lines. Think a ring that will earn him compliments without it being too flashy for an office meet.

The Bold
Statement Maker

Girl, is your man the party-starter? In fact, the party host? You got to buy him a proposal ring that reflects his larger-than-life attitude that has made you fall in love with him. Consider square shaped rings or ones that comes with square, diamond-studded surfaces. You may event want to consider a two-toned ring with gold and white for its glamourous appeal.


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