The Case For Spring Cleaning & New Home Décor

The Case For Spring Cleaning & New Home Décor

As the New Year has only just begun, it’s a great time to start afresh. As the world reboots with new goals and resolutions, your home too can be part of your journey into becoming a new you. Here are some compelling reasons to revamp your home.

A new you starts with new surroundings

Want to change a habit or start a new one? Get spring-cleaning. Getting rid of clutter can be therapeutic too. Once you’re done refreshing your space, you can even add some soothing elements and art pieces for a refreshed perspective for 2019.

A new art piece from Lladro could be your new home décor inspiration for 2019


Pomegranate Rose Tin Candle from India Circus

Clear out new spaces
for your new life purpose

If you can visualise you life’s goal clearly, you are more likely to find success. And this visualisation starts with setting up your environment for the future you want. For instance, for more peace and calm in the New Year, you can free up room for meditation. Add some candles and incense sticks to complete the space and you’re all set for a very Zen 2019.

Find old treasures to repurpose

When you spring clean, you get to revisit forgotten nooks and crannies in your home where you might find old cherished items that you can add to your home décor. An old tea kettle could make for a beautiful flower vase. Or a vintage poster could be framed up as a showstopper in your living room.

Organise your home
with style

Ever had trouble looking for important documents and knick-knacks? You can organise the articles and keep them handy by investing in some organisers. You can add some quirk to those storage spaces with colourful cane baskets and ornate trinket boxes.


This Strix Streaks Enamelled Storage Box from India Circus could hold everything from trinkets to treasured letters

Fall in love with entertaining

Whether you want to reconnect with old friends or create a new social circle, you’ll be eager to entertain them in your own home. The new home décor is a great incentive for you to even host sessions for that book club or the Yoga group you’ve been meaning to join this year.

Cook up a storm for your new book club with some quaint kitchenware from Le Creuset

So whether you bring in a new centrepiece, paint a new wall, or go as far as redecorate a whole new space – the touch of newness is sure to set you up for a great 2019.

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