11 Apps To Help You Keep Your NY Resolutions All Of 2019

11 Apps To Help You Keep Your NY Resolutions All Of 2019

Struggling to keep pace with your 2019 resolutions? Install these handy apps to help you keep at them in a consistent and effective manner.

Personal Finance Apps

Hate it how a lot of personal finance apps need you to manually enter your spends on a regular basis? Well, with Mint, you don’t have to! The app connects all your cards, accounts as well as recurring payee so that you get a consolidated overview about your outgoings in a single view.

Connect your cards accounts,
lets you know bills due etc.

One of the most popular personal finance apps, Money Manager is a free-to-use app that lets you stay on top of your expenses. Add your monthly budget and daily spends to get a trend analysis on categories where you end up spending the most.

If a coach is what you are looking for in a personal finance app, Qapital is the app you want to download. It is designed to create positive spending patterns with its gamification approach that has its focus on disciplining your spending behavior.

Fitness Apps

Do all your fitness and nutrition plans stop short of turning successful because you get bored of the standard diet meals? Well, food print helps you plan your daily intake with a slight difference; it doles our tailored recipes as per your needs and preferences. Say hello to innovative diet meals daily.

Wish your workout and nurtrition coach were two folks rolled in one? Fitwell does the job of a personal trainer as well as of a meal planner. It helps you track your progress on both fronts and motivates you just like a personal coach to stay on the path to holistic fitness.

Do your workout plans fail because you are unsure of the pace of your progress? Here’s an app that literally works as a mirror to your progress. Apart from the standard fitness app features, it lets you upload your pictures and creates an inspiring story of your body transformation for you to remember.

Reading Apps

Do you struggle with balancing your time between books, news, podcasts and more? How about an app that lets you access all of them via a single dashboard so that you always know when you are choosing one over another? Scribd is all you need.

Never have enough time to read pages on end? Meet the app that delivers two books to you each month – a contemporary and a classic – but in quick-to-read, 15-minute installments. Yes, it is the app that lets you get back to reading not as a marathon exercise, but as a “habit”.

Goal-focused Apps

Trying to quit old habits and make new ones is never easy; unless you have an app that requires you to spend less than 1 minute to make progress. It analyses your patterns, delivers powerful reminders, and serves as a positive-habit building coach.

Are you planning to get in control over your anxieties and adopt a more positive path? Designed by cognitive behavior specialists and psychologists, it guides you to achieve your goals with effective relaxation techniques, community support and guided self-help paths among other things.

Love to plan your goals? This is the app for you. It lets you set goals, milestones, smaller goals, and even assign them as per categories! Yes, this is the super-goal app for those of you who want to achieve new goals at multiple levels. Did we add that it also lets you build your vision boards for each goal?

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