3 Indian Brands That Redefine Style On The Global Stage

3 Indian Brands That Redefine Style On The Global Stage

In a world where couture designers drive trends, these Indian labels have made a mark on the global fashion stage.


Shop their latest collection at Satya Paul, Palladium, Chennai

Satya Paul

The designer label synonymous with luxury, Satya Paul has come a long way since its launch in 1985. Its signature selection of vibrant hues and striking prints has seen the brand become a global name. It made its presence felt in Europe’s fashion capitals in the mid 90s – an era when the world was yet to fall in love with all things Indian. Since then, the brand has gone on to achieve many firsts; launching a collection for the Dubai Royal Family and earning a space at Madame Tussauds, London, being some of them. All of this while remaining true to the spirit of the sari as we know it.

India Circus

It is the home décor and personal accessories brand that added chic to Indian pop art. Designer Krsnaa Mehta’s label that started out as an online store back in 2013, today India Circus is widely retailed in cities such as London and Melbourne. It is also present in The Netherlands and New Zealand. In fact, the brand is at home in stores such as The Bombay Store – the mecca for tourists seeking sophisticated Indian souvenirs. As per Mehta’s admission in a Forbes India interview, “the team comes up with new designs every three months.”


Browse their latest designs at India Circus, Palladium, Chennai


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Being Human

This one should come as a little surprise. Global Bollywood star Salman Khan’s brand, it has gone on to enjoy a presence across 15 countries. This includes a store in one of France’s most premium regions – Bordeaux. Interestingly, it isn’t the clothing and accessories alone that have made it popular among buyers in India and beyond. It is the brand purpose of giving back to the society – charity for people and recycling for products – that has made it immensely popular, globally. In fact, it has even won the Most Iconic – Made in India Brand award for 2017.

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