4 Luxury gifting trends that make perfect sense this diwali

4 Luxury Gifting Trends That Make Perfect Sense This Diwali

Planning the perfect gift is never easy. Therefore, we have put together this comprehensive list for those who would like to start exploring their festive gifting options already.

Vintage Watches

Smart watches may be here to stay but the luxury makers are going vintage. The year has seen smaller dials, mechanicals and designs that are inspired from as early as 1920s. With the overall wardrobe donning a sleek appearance, we think gifting a vintage watch is only natural.

Pastel Gems

The retro trend isn’t limited to watches. Gemstone jewellery too is seeing a traditional influence. Rose golds, morganite pinks and tourmaline blues are making their way into designer collections. Rubies and emeralds can wait. Gift your special lady pink opals and other pastel-shaded gems to elicit a truly delightful response this Diwali.

Statement Accessories

Finding enough time to accessorize is a one kind of luxury. The other is getting designer brooches, ear stack sets, and bibs gifted to you, wrapped in premium labels. If you are looking to invest in a gift for someone who loves to dress up, brooches are big this season. Equally so are earring stacks, another unisex accessory. While the overall ensemble has turned minimalist, accessories are expected to make a statement. Think bypass rings, broad collars and exaggerated bibs for a gift that will be cherished long after.

Rustic Dinnerware

You can never really go wrong when you pick premium serve ware for a gift. However, instead of fine bone china and porcelain, opt for handmade iron and stoneware sets. Earthy hues, matte textures and a rustic mood define these serve ware. The trend is a result of shifting food preferences towards organic ingredients and slow cooking techniques; perfect for those who attend the farmers’ market every weekend.

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