5 Things Every Modern Gentleman Needs In His Closet

5 Things Every Modern Gentleman Needs In His Closet

Fashion is now, style is eternal. There’s a reason why classics never go out of style and these are the pieces you need to own to make a statement.
We know it’s difficult to curate the right pieces and keeping your closet well stocked, which is why, we’ve brought to you all the fashion essentials you will need to look dapper.

A well-fitted blue suit

The price of a well-tailored suit is non-negotiable. You can wear it to any occasion from a wedding cocktail in the Bahamas to your business meetings. Canali’s Su Misura is a service that allows you to create a suit that is unique and made specifically for you. The result is a custom item that is a testament to the style and elegance of its wearer, whose name is embroidered on the label.

The white Oxford Shirt

When you don’t know what the dress code demands, the easiest course of action is to put on a white dress shirt that will leave you looking crisp and sharp. Go for a urbane and elegant look with this Hugo Boss formal shirt with a classic mandarin collar and make your presence felt.

A sports jacket

Layers add that edge to an outfit by creating a sharper silhouette. And layers do not have to formal to look dressy. Invest in a clean-cut, dark sports jacket to layer your outfit and look trendy in a classic way. You can wear your sports jacket anywhere from brunch on a cold winter afternoon to the airport during your numerous travel expeditions across the globe.

A Statement Watch

Your outfit is incomplete without a watch. A watch isn’t just a time piece anymore, it’s about extraordinary craftsmanship, attention to detail and inimitable style. This Swiss-made watch from Mont Blanc with case, bezel and crown made of stainless steel is the only statement piece you’ll need to add some sophistication to your look.

A pair of brown dress

You can pair these shoes with anything from your beige chinos to formal pants. Wear them on your date night for a definite upgrade from casual sneakers to make a lasting impression. When it comes down to your shoes, it’s all
about understated elegance and class.

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