Fine dining at home for the Gourmand in you

Fine dining at home for the Gourmand in you

Making a meal at home seems like a task on most days but the joy of making something tantalising from scratch, experimenting with a new recipe, trying out a new kitchen gadget at home can be extremely delightful. With your busy schedule and a myriad of responsibilities, sometimes making time to prepare an amazing meal can be difficult. But we’ve got 5 fantastic ways for you to make your gastronomical tryst a successful one.


Entertain your favourite dinner guests.
There is an adventure in feeding others and basking in the splendour of compliments. Whether you want to prepare an elaborate menu with a wine pairing for every course or just a simple meal for few, the first thing you need to do is make a list of all the essential supplies you might need to get started with the cooking. The actual cooking can get stressful, but the sumptuous meal you prepare will be worth it in the end. Pull out your best crockery, deck up a fabulous dinner table, pour out the wine in our vitesses fountain to let it breathe and let your food speak for you.

Never had Ethiopian food? Try something new!
If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal! What’s life if you don’t try something different every once in a while? An excellent way to spice things up in the kitchen is to take a stab at a new cuisine. Maybe some Lebanese, Caribbean or Moroccon for a change? You might even get in some much-needed retail therapy lost in all the goodies in the international section of the market.


Make your kitchen a temple of tranquillity
Your home needs to spout your personality and your kitchen should be no exception. Enhance your kitchen by adding little trinkets and dainty pieces all around because nothing will have you racing to cook like an idyllic space that brings you joy.

Create a culinary marvel with your better half
What’s more romantic than cooking a meal with your significant other? Sipping on some good wine, with the flavour of delectable food simmering in the air, while you two tango to classical music; beats the hell out of take-out food!

Bake something luxurious
Someone smart once said ‘you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy cake and that’s sort of the same thing’. There’s no better sensation that filling your home with the mouth-watering smell of cookies or watching a sexy soufflé make its perfect rise. Get some flour, sugar and butter and go make some magic.

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